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Saturday March 6:

Food will be prepped and ready at My House (Nicole's house too) at 12pm.  This is a loose time, so just arrive at the house when you can.  If you need transportation, please advise Nicole and we will arrange it.  We would like to start the roast at 3pm or so... loose time, flexible, kind of like going to a wedding and waiting 45 minutes for the Bride to walk down the isle because she spilled whiskey on her shoes. I mean, who looks at shoes that closely?  I know I don't... I mean I could see if it spilled on her dress, then ok... I get the delay... 

After that dumb roast is done and either Nicole or I clean up the dogs potty trick in the kitchen (you know Honey?  Yah that cute little dog) and my ego is boosted, I wish to head out for the night, and will be staying on the strip somewhere, likely Luxor or New York New York.  

The evening will be played by ear... so don't make appointments with any wanna-be curbside psychics from the Strip or those strip club flyer people for a free ride to Hustler Club.

Sunday March 7:

TBA, likely activities include trying to remember the night before or seeking annulment lawyers or removing Dave's mattress from the the Mandalay Bay pool because he thought it would float.  But really we will just play by ear, after removing the mattress of course. 

See you in less than a month.  Any questions, don't call that 888 number above... just call Nicole at (562) 685-4354. 

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